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Auto dealers and high-energy, high volume clients have come to the right place! 
We can give you better prices on our popular high-impact spots produced by our premier, high-energy male talent.

These are very distinctive sounding spots that are fully-produced at a very nice price with a turnaround of 1-2 business days (barring sickness, emergencies, you know.)

HEAR SAMPLES HERE! (56K RealAudio Streaming)
And we do have room for a good degree of customization.
Click here for the low end of the spectrum...

Click here for the popular middle and a full demo...

Click here for the high end...

We can even go more, we can go less, whatever you need.

Check out these prices for one spot buys:
One :15 - $150
One :30 - $180
One :60 - $210

Multiple spots bought at the same time get even better prices:
Multiple :15 - $100 each
Multiple :30 - $130 each
Multiple :60 - $150

And if you need a basic spot with just some minor changes (like date changes to air different days of a weekend sale) you get the multiple spot prices + $80 per additional version.

Contact us today for more info or to get started.

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